The main activity of our company is to carry out investment projects in accordance with the guidelines and provisions of the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC). Our highly qualified personnel and carefully selected contractual partners provide comprehensive investment engineering in the management and execution of construction projects. We guarantee professional implementation of activities at all stages of the investment project and in accordance with the Building Act (GZ).

Civil engineering

The first pillar of investment projects, which are prepared, managed and carried out from the initial plan to the professional implementation, is civil engineering. We specialise in construction and maintenance:

  • roads and road infrastructure (bypasses, motorways, sidewalks, cycle and pedestrian paths, roundabouts, junctions, parking lots, public lighting, etc.)
  • utility lines (water supply network, gas pipelines, telecommunication lines, sewerage) and supporting infrastructure (water treatment plants, reservoirs, landfills, etc.)
  • arrangement of public and private outdoor areas (parks and other green areas, squares, sports areas, playgrounds, etc.)

We also rehabilitate areas damaged by natural and other disasters (landslides, floods, damaged and worn roads, etc.)

Structural engineering

Structural engineering is the second pillar of our investment projects. Depending on the needs of the clients, we prepare the complete documentation and implementation from the marking of the terrain to the roofing of the building. Structural engineering services performed according to the clients’ wishes include:

  • residential and industrial buildings (houses, multi-unit buildings, commercial buildings, etc.)
  • shopping centers
  • warehouses
  • educational and sports facilities (schools, sports centers, spas, etc.)
  • airports
  • and other buildings at the request of the client.

Creating effective engineering solutions is our passion. Prudent planning, expert advice, top management, thorough control and professional implementation are the key to our excellence and the satisfaction of our every customer.

01 Planning

Comprehensive quality planning of the investment project is the basis of its cost-optimal and long-term quality implementation.

02 Consulting

Providing advice in optimizing construction processes with the aim of lowering costs and speeding the construction for the best investment effects of the investor.

03 Management

Management of investment projects, i.e. from acquiring administrative authorisations to handing over the building to the investor.

04 Realisation

We ensure flawless execution of the investment and assume full responsibility for respecting agreed qualitative requirements, deadlines and financial frameworks of the project.

05 Control

We monitor all construction phases consistently and control the workflow. We also perform extraordinary controls ("super control") of engineering activities of other contractors, where we verify the progress towards the objectives set for the project in different phases of execution on behalf of the investor.


We professionally prepare project and technical documentation and provide administrative legal permits with all the necessary consents:

  1. Drawing up of investment programmers including a cost estimate
  2. Preparation of the project task:
    • obtaining administrative authorizations
    • obtaining consents
    • obtaining building permit
  3. Organization and coordination of the project implementation:
    • design concept
    • obtaining building permit
    • execution of works
    • list of executed works
  4. Streamlining the project documentation by optimizing the costs and time schedule of the project.


The implementation of projects is assessed regularly through controls, which are in accordance with the Construction Act (ZGO-1-UPB1). This ensures the consistent implementation of the investment programme or project documentation at the highest level and in accordance with all applicable regulations. The supervision of the execution of works in accordance with the Building Act follows the following steps:

  1. Drawing up of tender documents:
    • Preparation of the tender conditions for awarding a contractor
    • Implementation of the tendering procedure with the evaluation and selection of the contractor
    • Drawing up of the contract for implementation
  2. Project engineering:
    • review of technical and other documentation
    • working with designers to resolve current issues on the construction site
  3. 3. Coordination of amendments and changes of the investment project arising during the execution of work on site; Monitoring
    and controlling the introduction of changes and coordinating the wishes of the client with the work of the designer.
  4. Financial monitoring of the progress of the project:
    • control of the optimization of the costs of executed works
    • participating in taking measurements at the building and preparing a log of calculated measurements
    • control of temporary monthly situations and final accounting situation of the construction, specialist and engineering works in accordance with the concluded agreements
    • participating in concluding all possible addenda to the underlying contract with the contractor
    • control and validation of additional analyses by subcontractors for unforeseen and additional works commissioned by the contracting authority
  1. Coordinating the implementation of works between the contractors of construction, specialist and engineering works and technology
  2. Monitoring of the project in terms of the time schedule:
    • drawing up a general time schedule
    • drawing up monthly or weekly plans
    • monitoring the progress of the project in terms of the time schedule
  3. Implementation of the procedures for obtaining the operating licence:
    • drawing up documentation for technical inspection
    • performing technical inspection
    • eliminating any defects and deficiencies established during the technical inspection of the building
    • obtaining an operating licence
  4. Handover of works with contractors:
    • qualitative examinations of performed works
    • financial statement of performed works
    • preparation of handover records
  5. Handing over the building to the investor:
    • preparing documentation
    • cooperating in eliminating defects and deficiencies in the warranty period

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